SKEC offers Civil Engineering, the oldest core sector, which deals with various construction works. The importance of this field is very high, because other engineering sectors too are very dependent on the services provided by the civil engineers. We present this prestigious course to the students, and offer state-of-the-art educational facilities and services to impart the aspects perfectly to the students.

Adept lecturing :

A group of eminent lecturers are the prime heads of our civil engineering department, who are excellent in the academic credentials, and experience as well. They educate the students with each and every concept, and explain the related aspects, which are vital for the prosperity of the students into impeccable engineers. Also, they provide valuable inputs about tackling the academic examinations perfectly, and earn incredible percentages.

Viable amenities :

Amenities are abundant for the civil engineering students in our campus. They are offered with state-of-the-art laboratories and workshops, to expand their limits of practical experience. In fact, the students can try to implement various concepts in these practical sessions, which can help the gain invaluable experience in this field.

Selection for jobs, at the campus itself! :

The campus placement drives organized in the college can change the fortunes of the civil engineering students, by providing them with excellent job offers.