It’s amazing, I got the job in first attempt:- Sarithasri

I didn’t think that I can get a job in the first attempt. We were provided with excellent placement training but still I was nervous. But gracefully, I was able to deliver precisely in the interview which had made me get the job in Wipro.

Campus placements are good:- Harini

There are many good things about our Kavitha engineering college and the best thing of them is the campus placements. Numerous placement drives are conducted by the college and I am able to get placed after some failed attempts.

I have joined Tech Mahindra:- Srikanth

I was lucky enough to get job in the last placement drive conducted at our college in the previous academic year. I failed many times and I was clueless about how to procure job in the best companies. The placement training department of our college had rescued me by providing very useful information about the skills required for placements. Though I was fair in academic skills, I was lagging in the communication skills which made me look like I was even poor in the academics, because I couldn’t express my knowledge effectively without proper communication. I was trained to learn these skills and luckily it did work at last, earning me with a good job with good pay scale.