Sri. S.Chalama Reddy, M.Sc., M.Ed


Profile of the Secretary/Correspondent

The Secretary/Correspondent Sri. S.CHALAMA REDDY, M.Sc., M.Ed., who is young and dynamic personality. He is distinguished, dedicated and determined academician for being instrumental in establishing Mega Educational Institutions in this region, Khammam.

I am happy to note that Education to us is not merely imparting knowledge and skill. It is providing alternative views of the world to trigger a learner’s mind to explore them in innovative ways. Our aim is to equip students to think and act critically, to be creative in their responses. At the same time, we here at Spurthy are aware of their history and be appreciative of the traditions of our civilization. We want students to be perceptive and supportive of the world around them.

Message From the  Secretary/Correspondent

Education should enable to develop a wholesome personality. Focusing on their areas of interest it should also offer them opportunity to explore wider horizons. It should equip them to delve into the vast ocean of knowledge and pick pearls of wisdom that empowers them to deal successfully with the turbulence of the rapidly changing times. Education should enable them effectively to apply the real life situations what they learnt. It should inspire them to dream as well as infuse them with qualities of diligence and hard work to realize those dreams. I sincerely congratulate all the staff and faculty for striving towards this goal.

I wish and invite the students and staff “All the Best” on behalf of SKEC, Karepalli.