We organize many placement programs in an academic year, so that our students are never short of any job opportunities. Also, our placement partner companies show special interest on us, since they can hire more skilled students from our campus, and participate in the on-campus placement drives actively.

Due to the incredible skills and academic percentages, many of our students, who have enrolled for the placement programs, are able to secure good jobs in the reputed companies. The number of students enrolled for the placement drives increase each year, but even then, the percentage of successful students, who got placed in the jobs, increases by multiple folds. This trait demonstrates the talent of our students, and their worthiness in handling different kinds of job roles in the market.

Our graduates and post-graduates are able to secure excellent job roles, even in the global firms, such as Dell, Accenture, and many more. Due to the excellent skills of our students, and the overwhelming job opportunities they get in the placement drives, many of them are able to get employed right in the campus itself.

We are very happy that a majority of students are reaching the success stones, even before the completion of their educational courses.