placement cell

Numerous national and international companies participate in our campus placement programs, and many of them have strong associations with us. In fact, these companies are our placement partners.

Having a pool of companies, which are ready to hire the talented workforce from the campus is really an asset to us and the students. These partner firms prefer us, due to the long term associations we have with them, and due to the fact that, our campus is the venue for most talented students.

Due to this process, the companies can get benefited, since they hire the most skilled students, who can assist them to prosper. Due to the excellent capabilities of these students, the companies can handle various projects, and accomplish them with aplomb.

Our students are immensely benefited, since they can get into prestigious jobs in the college campus itself, and they do not face any hassles of job search in the future. The job prospects offered by our placement partners usually pay more, and this is a fetching point to the students. In fact, they can get tremendous successes due to these campus placement drives.

As a technical institution, we rejoice the fact that our students can achieve immense success, right after the studies, due to the placement programs offered at our campus.