The mechanical engineering career prospects are humongous, since any machinery which has moving parts, require the assistance of the mechanical engineers. And also, the core prospects for the mechanical graduates are vast, creating excellent job space in this highly competitive world.

Automotive field

One of the core fields for the mechanical engineers is automotive field, since the engines, gear boxes, and other moving parts, are designed, manufactured and maintained by these engineers. Hence, these graduates can get jobs in the number of automobile companies, and it is an excellent career prospect for them.

Aerospace sector

This is a highly crazy sector, since it deals with the space crafts and airplanes, and the engineers can get the lucrative chances to work in this arena. They design these air crafts, and provide various technologies for the engines, which make them fly at high speeds without any issues. Hence, the mechanical graduates can get the exotic chances to work in NASA or ISRO, which is a dream come true for any engineer.

Mining Niche

Mining sector needs the assistance of the mechanical engineers, since the heavy machinery used in this sector requires the designs and inputs from them, including the upkeep of these machines.

The mechanical graduates have huge opportunities in other areas as well. Hence, the career prospects are always in a positive number for these graduates.