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About H&S Department

The establishment of H&S department dates back to 2001, where it had to bear the responsibility of grooming new students, to prepare them in pursuing engineering studies, and we excel in that aspect every year.

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vision mission

Vision & Mission

We aspire to provide immaculate educational standards to the fresher students, to help them in understanding the basic concepts of engineering, and preparing them for the advanced engineering levels.

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The H&S students need excellent infrastructure to understand the different concepts in the first year of engineering, which is crucial to their progress in the graduation course, and hence we provide the same.

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Course Structure @ SreeKavitha

Course Structure

JNTUH provides the course structure for the H&S department of SKEC, and we follow it without fail. The proposed course tenure for H&S is 1 year, and various subjects are offered to the students in this period.

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Program Out Comes @ SreeKavitha

H&S Program Out Comes

The effectiveness of the first year students is evident from the positive program outcomes they experience after the course. Due to their preparedness, they are ready for the further graduation levels.

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HOD Profile

K.SUNITHA, the HOD of H&S department, has excellent educational and work qualifications. She did M.Sc  and B.ED  and she got 6 years of experience in the teaching arena.

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faculty 1

Department Faculty

A range of responsibilities should be handled by the H&S department faculty, and they elude exceptional skills in handling these tasks. Due to their excellent proficiency, they educate the students effectively.

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Academic Calenders

Academic Calendars

The academic calendars play an impeccable role in carrying out the academic events on schedule, which is of utmost importance for the students of H&S. They achieve tremendous results due to this trait.

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Reasearch & Publications @ SreeKavitha

Research & Publications

For the students to achieve success in the academics, research works play an indispensable role, by making them proficient in the theoretical and practical aspects. So, we support them accordingly.

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Events 1

Department Events

The need of department events is quite evident, since they make the students indulge in these activities with passion, which earns them with excellent knowledge in the theoretical and practical aspects.

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Department Achievements @ SreeKavitha

Department Achievements

The extraordinary performances put up by our students and teaching staff, have earned the college with impeccable achievements. This led to the spread of our name throughout the global arena.

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Assocaitions @ SreeKavitha 1

Department Associations

The strong associations we have with big organizations and firms, have proved exceptional for the students, since they are offered with the needed assistance and encouragement in the research activities.

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Noice Board @ SreeKavitha

Department Notice Board

The H&S department provides the students with all the details regarding the events, activities and news of the department. They should be updated with these proceedings regularly by using the noticeboard.

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Blog @ SreeKavitha

Department Blog

Knowledge is the superior wealth, and we know this fact very well. Hence we have provided a blog for the H&S department, which features many informative articles about the various engineering topics.

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Contact Us @ SreeKavitha

Department Contact

Maintaining contact with us is an easy affair, since it is just a few clicks away on your mobile phone or computer. Grab the provided contact details here, and call or e-mail us instantly for any information.

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