The students who have completed H&S program can experience the following program outcomes. They are

  • Proficient in mathematics and general science. They know about the basics, important concepts and topics, and fundamentals, and this helps to understand the advanced topics in the higher graduation levels.
  • Good at computer skills, including the basic architecture and programming languages. This program offers C language with Data Structures, which is the basic for learning any language, and proficiency in this programming language, can make the students ready to learn the advanced computer languages in the further years of graduation, like JAVA, Oracle, etc.
  • Excellent in the basic electrical aspects. They can perform the basic connections, and use these skills to learn the advanced electrical concepts.
  • Perfect in the basic electronic theoretical concepts and simple circuit connections. This knowledge is required to understand the concepts in the remaining graduation years.
  • Well versed with the basic experiments in mechanical engineering, due to the mechanical workshop in the H&S program.
  • Good at drawing skills, due to the provision of important aspects related to it, and training sessions in the engineering drawing workshop.
  • Proficient in the communications skills, since they can talk and write fluently, due to the English workshop offered in this program. It is useful to understand any academic topics, and present them in the most professional manner in the examinations, so that the students can earn good percentages.