faculty development.

The Faculty Development Programs or FDPs are conducted regularly in SKEC. These programs are highly beneficial for the faculty, since their skills are improved due to them, and in turn, it benefits the students.

We organize the FDPs by inviting the prominent persons, including the industrialists, educationists, scientists, etc. of the respective sectors, and these imminent people enlighten the faculty, by teaching them with various aspects, including their own experiences. Due to the vast experience and skills these highly talented people have, they can provide the teaching staff with exceptional ideas and knowledge. This trait can improve the skills of our faculty by multiple folds.

Due to the improved knowledge, our faculty are able to up the standards of teaching, every time after the FDPs.  They can teach the students exceptionally, and provide them with unique and in-depth aspects.

This improved teaching and educational service can have a positive impact on the students, as they can earn tremendous knowledge this way. Due to the in-depth analysis, they can understand the academics better, and perform excellently in the examinations.

Hence, we conduct the Faculty Development Programs in our campus at regular intervals, so that our faculty and students can get immensely benefited by them.