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About ECE Department

The ECE department of SKEC saw the light in 2001. Due to the formidable display of teaching prowess, it had garnered reputation in the education and student circles in no time. A phenomenal feet indeed.

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vision mission

ECE Vision & Mission

The zest to provide top class educational standards has led to numerous memorable successes to the students and us. Due to the strong foundation, our students are turned to impeccable engineers.

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Courses offered @ SreeKavitha

ECE Courses Offered

At SKEC, we offer the ECE courses which emphasize on the different aspects of electronics and communications sectors. Due to the wide knowledge, the students can handle various challenges of these sectors.

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Course Structure @ SreeKavitha

ECE Course Structure

The course structure of ECE department follows the conventional engineering education format, and it is decided by the university. All the academic topics and subjects are offered in a well-structured manner.

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Program Out Comes @ SreeKavitha

ECE Program Out Comes

The program outcomes of SKEC’s ECE stream are very strong, and they display the preparedness of the students to serve the core sectors and other industries after the graduation, leading to great future ahead.

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Admissiona @ SreeKavitha

ECE Admissions Eligibility

The eligibility to join our ECE department is decided by JNTUH. The students should have good percentages in the intermediate exams, and they must possess decent ranks in the EAMCET exam as well.

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CSE Career Prospects

ECE Career Prospects

The incredible applications of electronics and communications sectors have ensured the students with excellent career prospects, so that they face no issue in earning employment right after the graduation.

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Why ECE Course @ SKEC

To provide ECE course, the engineering institution should have excellent expertise in the teaching department, good infrastructure including the laboratories, library, etc., and we possess all of them.

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ece infrastructuer

ECE Infrastructure

This stream demands utmost levels of infrastructure due to different applications, and we compel with the requirements by providing the students with advance equipment and facilities in labs, workshops, etc.

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faculty 1

ECE Department Faculty

The various academic achievements of our students are the result of the excellent teaching skills displayed by our faculty. They provide extensive training, to make the students perfect in the academic aspects.

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Academic Calenders

ECE Academic Calendars

We follow the academic calendars set by us during the commencement of each semester, and all the activities related to the department, like exams, practical sessions, etc., are carried out according to them.

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ECE Research & Publications

Due to the participation in the research programs, our ECE students are able to gain phenomenal knowledge in the practical and theoretical aspects of the stream. So, we encourage them in this regard.

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Events 1

ECE Department Events

To educate the students effectively in an easy to understand manner, we offer various departmental events for the benefit of them. The programs range from the fests, symposiums, paper presentations, etc.

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Department Achievements @ SreeKavitha

ECE Department Achievements

Numerous achievements are recorded by the students and lecturers of ECE department. They have participated and won in the impeccable events conducted across the national and international arenas.

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Placemnets @ SreeKavitha1

ECE Department Placements

Campus placements can secure the futures of the engineering graduates, while they are still in the college itself. Therefore, we provide various placement drives in the campus throughout the year.

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Alumni @ SreeKavitha

ECE Department Alumni

To support the graduate students in their pursuits for good academic percentages and excellent career prospects, the alumni have entered into the field, by enlightening and motivating the students.

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Assocaitions @ SreeKavitha 1

Department Associations

The ECE students should participate in numerous research works for excelling in the career, and for this purpose, they need technological and financial assistance, which is provided by our associated firms.

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Noice Board @ SreeKavitha

ECE Department Notice Board

To inform the students about the department’s news, events and other activities, we have established a notice board for the stream. The students can keep track of it to stay alert about the happenings.

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Blog @ SreeKavitha

ECE Department Blog

The blog established by the department of ECE is performing a great job in attracting the readers, who want to know about the electronics and communication sectors, by providing valuable information.

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Contact Us @ SreeKavitha

ECE Department Contact

You can get in touch with us to know more about our department, and also, you can receive clarifications for any doubts you have about our stream. E-mail or ring us at the contact details put forth here.

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