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About EEE Department

In 2002, the department of EEE was started at SKEC. It had indulged in providing imminent education standards, and due to this prestigious endeavor, hundreds of electrical engineers are produced by us.

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vision mission

Vision & Mission

Our target is to serve the electrical students and the industry, so that both of them prosper, and enjoy mutual benefits. In fact, we are renowned for offering excellent engineers to the electrical sector.

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Courses offered @ SreeKavitha

Courses Offered

We provide B.Tech, M.Tech and Diploma courses for the students, who are interested to join the electrical sector. These courses are targeted to make them well versed in the core concepts and aspects.

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Course Structure @ SreeKavitha

Course Structure

The course structure of EEE stream offered at SKEC, follows the pattern released by the university, JNTUH. The academic subjects and laboratorial sessions are offered according to this structure.

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Program Out Comes @ SreeKavitha

EEE Program Out Comes

The highlight education standards provided by the EEE department, offer the students with excellent program outcomes, which are sure to shape up the future of them in the most beneficial manner.

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Admissiona @ SreeKavitha

Admissions Eligibility

The students who suit the criteria set by the JNTUH University are suitable for getting into our EEE department. For management quota, the students should also satisfy the mandatory rules set by us.

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CSE Career Prospects

EEE Career Prospects

EEE is the core stream, which offers tremendous career prospects to the students. Their role in the electrical machines sector, power industry, and other electrical related sectors have proved indispensable.

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Why EEE Course @ SKEC

We provide excellent amenities for the students of EEE, to assist them in focusing on the academics, while the faculty explain the tough aspects with relative ease, to nurture them for attaining perfection.

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about eee


The electrical engineering course demands sophisticated infrastructure, so that the students can concentrate on the subject, and understand the core aspects well, and we provide the required amenities.

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HOD Profile

L.Kishore is the HOD of SKEC’s EEE department. With a versatile teaching talent and leadership abilities, he is leading the stream with imminent success. He got Ph.D. degree and 12 years of experience.

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faculty 1

Department Faculty

The reign of our EEE students is because of the fine skills of the faculty, which boost the students in the academics, and take them to the top most positions in this sector. They are the bloodline for sure.

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Academic Calenders

Academic Calendars

Academic calendars are followed by us to carry out any academic functions of the department. They are prepared by taking the inputs of JNTU Hyderabad University, and the students too should follow them.

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eee infrastructue

Research & Publications

We make our students involve in the research activities, since they are very important in determining the future of them. The practical application knowledge gained through research is of immense use.  

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Events 1

Department Events

Various important events are organized by the EEE department, which are very useful for the students to improve their knowledge, and build the careers. Seminars, workshops, etc. are conducted regularly by us.

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Department Achievements @ SreeKavitha

Department Achievements

The display of extraordinary talent and practical application skills, has earned our staff and students with many achievements in the events they have participated. They are widely acclaimed for the excellent skills they have.

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Placemnets @ SreeKavitha1

Department Placements

Campus placements are required for the electrical engineering students to showcase their talents, and earn good jobs in the college campus itself. They can get placed in the renowned companies.

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Alumni @ SreeKavitha

EEE Department Alumni

The alumni are quick in offering support to the students, and their incredible experience is a boon for the electrical students, who are striving to reach incredible heights in the electrical sector.

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Assocaitions @ SreeKavitha 1

Department Associations

For providing excellent educational support to the electrical students, we have teamed up with the reputed organizations. This enables us to provide financial help and technology for the project works.

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Noice Board @ SreeKavitha

Department Notice Board

The news and events of the EEE department are provided in the notice board, so that the students can follow them and learn about the happenings in the department, and indulge in the preparations accordingly.

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Blog @ SreeKavitha

Department Blog

The blog of EEE department provides exceptional knowledge about the core electrical and electronics aspects. This is very useful for the people, who have interest in knowing about the electrical topics.

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Contact Us @ SreeKavitha

Department Contact

You can call, or send an e-mail to us in the working hours, to get any information regarding our department. We will be overwhelmed to provide you with the required support, and clarify any pertaining doubts.

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