The effective outcomes of CSE program are:

  • The students can apply mathematics, science and computing knowledge to the issues related to the computer science and engineering, and chalk out effective solutions.
  • They can identify various computer engineering problems, and do research and formulate the required solutions by using the basic principles of natural and engineering sciences, and engineering mathematics.
  • The software solutions and hardware components are designed for various projects related to computer science and engineering, to meet the requirements, and they are designed by prioritizing the safety and health of the public, while considering the social, cultural and environmental aspects as well.
  • The CSE graduates can investigate into the complex problems of this engineering group, by doing research and using the research data. They are able to design and conduct the required experiments, and collect and interpret the output data as well.
  • They are experts in using the modern tools, technology and skills to formulate successful solutions for any issues.
  • They can maintain ethical principles and responsibilities, by respecting the norms of the computer science and engineering practice.
  • They are good at working as teams, to work effectively and improve productivity. They can handle the work of their teammates too, in case, the counterparts have failed to do so, and do not cause any delay in project submission for the firm.
  • The CSE students can communicate efficiently, with the audience from both the technical and non-technical circles.
  • They can engage in lifelong learning, and update their skills regularly for the benefit of the firm.