C-programming :


  •  To understand the various steps in Program development.
  •  To understand the basic concepts in C Programming Language.
  •  To learn how to write modular and readable C Programs
  • To learn to write programs (using structured programming approach) in C to solve problems.
  • To introduce the students to basic data structures such as lists, stacks and queues.
  • To make the student understand simple sorting and searching methods.


Objectives :

The IT Workshop for engineers is a training lab course spread over 54 hours. The modules include training on PC

Hardware, Internet & World Wide Web and Productivity tools including Word, Excel and Power Point.

 Outcomes :

  • PC Hardware introduces the students to a personal computer and its basic peripherals, the process of assembling a personal computer, installation of system software like MS Windows, Linux and the required device drivers. In addition hardware and software level troubleshooting process, tips and tricks would be covered. The students should work on working PC to disassemble and assemble to working condition and install Windows and Linux on the same PC. Students are suggested to work similar tasks in the Laptop scenario wherever possible.
  • Internet & World Wide Web module introduces the different ways of hooking the PC on to the internet from home and workplace and effectively usage of the internet. Usage of web browsers, email, newsgroups and discussion Forums would be covered. In addition, awareness of cyber hygiene, i.e., protecting the personal computer from getting
  • Infected with the viruses, worms and other cyber attacks would be introduced.
  • Productivity tools module would enable the students in crafting professional word documents, excel spread sheets and power point presentations using the Microsoft suite of office tools and LaTeX. (Recommended to use Microsoft office 2007 in place of MS Office 2003)

Data Structures Through C++ Lab :

  • This Lab Is Used To Make The Student Learn An Object Oriented Way Of Solving Problems
  • To Make The Student Write Adts For All Data Structures

Oops Through Java Lab :

  • To Make Student To Learn An Object Oriented Way Of Solving Problems
  • To Teach The Students To Write Programmes In Java To Solve The Problems

DBMS Lab: This Lab Enables The Students To Practice The Concepts Learnt In The DBMS By Developing A Database.

Os And CN Lab: This Lab Is Used To Understand The Functionalities Of Various Layers Of Osi Models.

To Understand The Operating System Functionalities

Web Technologies Lab: This Lab Is Used To Create A Fully Functional Website With Mvc Architecture


The Language Lab focuses on the production and practice of sounds of language and familiarizes the students with the use of English in everyday situations and contexts.


  • To facilitate computer-aided multi-media instruction enabling individualized and independent language
  • learning
  • To sensitise the students to the nuances of English speech sounds, word accent, intonation and rhythm
  • To bring about a consistent accent and intelligibility in their pronunciation of English by providing an
  • opportunity for practice in speaking
  • To improve the fluency in spoken English and neutralize mother tongue influence
  • To train students to use language appropriately for interviews, group discussion and public speaking

Learning Outcomes:

  •  Better Understanding of nuances of language through audio- visual experience and group activities
  •  Neutralization of accent for intelligibility
  • Speaking with clarity and confidence thereby enhancing employability skills of the students