The CSE graduates are greeted with numerous career prospects in the industry. They can lend their valuable services in various job roles, and prove to be assets for the computer sector.

The different categories, in which the graduates can display their proficiency are:

  • Software Applications Engineering
  •  Hardware Engineering
  • Systems Network Engineering

The software applications engineering professionals, commonly known as software engineers, can provide software solutions for the companies, by developing various software applications. There are many national and multi-national firms which offer these services, and the big players in this sector are Microsoft, Apple, TCS, Wipro, Infosys, and many more. These companies pay handsome salaries for the software professionals, and they also provide excellent career growth scope for them.

Hardware engineering deals with the design and manufacture of various hardware components of the computers, and they are designed to meet the hardware requirements of the companies. It is another solid sector, which offers numerous jobs for the CSE graduates, and the top firms are IBM, Intel, etc. The pay scales are excellent for any of the job roles in this sector.

Systems Network engineering deals with the maintenance of the network of computers in the firms, and these professionals are responsible for the provision of the required hardware and software needs of the companies. All companies, irrespective of the sectors, need these professionals to maintain their computer systems, to make them work seamlessly.

The job offers for the CSE students are quite lucrative, and the fresh graduates can make use of these opportunities.