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About CSE @ SreeKavitha

About CSE Department

In 2001, the CSE department was started at Sree kavitha, and hundreds of computer students are turned to professional engineers from then. Their successes are the testimonials to our educational standards.

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vision mission

CSE Vision & Mission

We believe in imparting high quality computer education to the students, to make them experts in the related aspects, which benefits them and the computer industry as well, due to the talented workforce.

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Courses offered @ SreeKavitha

CSE Courses Offered

We offer various computer courses for our students, so that they can gain immense knowledge in the field. These courses offer various aspects of computer engineering, and prove beneficial to the students.

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Course Structure @ SreeKavitha

CSE Course Structure

The course structure of CSE stream is determined according to the JNTU Hyderabad University’s planning. This structure is responsible for offering the academic subjects in a systematic manner to the students.

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Program Out Comes @ SreeKavitha

CSE Program Out Comes

The program outcomes of CSE stream are highly impactful, making the students proficient in the topics and aspects related to computer engineering, and earning them with excellent communication skills.

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Admissiona @ SreeKavitha

CSE Admissions Eligibility

The students should satisfy our admission criteria to join the CSE department of our college. The criteria are set according to the university’s rules, and they include the performances in the related exams.

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CSE Career Prospects

CSE Career Prospects

The career prospects are very high for the CSE students, since this field’s applications are huge, and span through different engineering fields. Computer solutions have great demand in the global market.

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Why CSE Course @ SKEC

At SKEC, the students are provided with excellent computer education, due to the extraordinary teaching staff and departmental facilities. The campus placements here are very useful for the computer students.

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CSE Infrastructure

The CSE department is provided with sophisticated and advanced infrastructure, including the computers, hardware components and software, super-fast internet, digital library, etc., for assisting the students.

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CSE-HOD edit

CSE HOD Profile

G ASHOK KUMAR, the head of CSE department, has 10 years of experience in the teaching field. He had also worked on various research papers, and published many of them in the national level publications.

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faculty 1

CSE Department Faculty

The teaching faculty of SKEC’s CSE department are extensively talented in computer engineering, and they have vast experience in teaching the students very effectively, to boost them in the academics.

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Academic Calenders

CSE Academic Calendars

CSE department students are provided with the academic calendars, since all the activities related to the stream are conducted according to them. The students should stay on the lines of these calendars.

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Reasearch & Publications @ SreeKavitha

CSE Research & Publications

The students are provided with all the facilities to participate in various research works, and gain immense knowledge in the computer field. Their talented works are even published in the renowned platforms.

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Events 1

CSE Department Events

The CSE students are offered with various departmental events, which are very helpful for them in shaping up their academics and careers. Some of these events are seminars, fests, workshops, etc.

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Department Achievements @ SreeKavitha

CSE Department Achievements

Due to the amazing talents of the CSE staff and students, we are able to accomplish various achievements in the national and international arenas, including several publications, medals, ranks, etc.

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Placemnets @ SreeKavitha1

CSE Department Placements

The students of CSE stream are provided with many campus placement opportunities, to offer them impeccable career prospects in the offices of the top companies, national firms and renowned global corporates.

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Alumni @ SreeKavitha

CSE Department Alumni

Our alumni offer impeccable help to the students, by fostering them in the academic prospects and career, by providing them with their experiences, and enlightening them with the current trends.

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Assocaitions @ SreeKavitha 1

CSE Department Associations

The numerous departmental associations we have with the top companies and organizations in the computer industry, are extremely helpful for our students, since they provide assistance to the research works.

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Noice Board @ SreeKavitha

CSE Department Notice Board

The department provides a notice board for the students, which is utilized for bringing them with the notifications regarding the upcoming events, timetables for various examinations, results, etc.

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Blog @ SreeKavitha

CSE Department Blog

To know about any computer engineering aspects, just log on to our blog, which is a hub of informative articles regarding the computer engineering, and they are put up by our innovative students and lecturers.

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Contact Us @ SreeKavitha

CSE Department Contact

Don’t spare the doubts regarding our department. Give us the trouble of asking us about the clarification, and we are up to handle it by offering you with the accurate answers, only to serve you impeccably.

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