Sri.Parupalli UshaKiran Kumar , M.Tech


Profile of the Chairman

The Chairman Sri. PARUPALLI USHA KIRAN KUMAR, M.Tech, who is young and dynamic personality. He is distinguished, dedicated and determined academician for being instrumental in establishing Mega Educational Institutions in this region, Khammam.

Technology is goose bumping into the future at an unprecedented speed. Under the influence of technology and globalization, India envisages a paradigm change in living, learning and thinking. While technology supports living and learning it influences thinking. Earlier teacher-centered learning now became learner centered; earlier it was the question of qualifications now it’s the question of skills; earlier it was the question of employment now it’s the question of employment. Today unemployment can’t bother a skilled man. Indeed there is a dearth of people with skills and expertise. Now the focus is on industry friendly education with soft-skills and communication skills.

Message From the Chairman

“We should be every-day learners; nothing is out-of-syllabus; the day we don’t learn we are dead”. Learning skills; not knowledge. Knowledge without skills has little use. That’s way the destination of SREEKAVITHA is not degrees but a professional career.


We manage the things by mind and lead the issues by heart. That’s why

Our students are our treasure

We don’t put them on pressure

They learn the things with pleasure

The results are itself the measure.

I wish you all the very best in your future