about khammam

Khammam is an important city in Telangana State, and it is renowned for the mix of urban and traditional lifestyles. The city does not seem like an urban jungle, and it has the right combination of greenery as well, which makes it a beautiful city with traces of urbanism found in the deepest skins of a well laid back society.

The city life here is quite unorthodox to the usual cluttered way of living in the cities. Everyone works at their own pace, but they concentrate on the targets in a systematic way, which often lends a cool attitude to the people out there. And you also experience true urbanism, when the matters narrow down to education and employment. Everybody here is fascinated about various educational qualifications and they are committed towards reaching excellence in the academic aspects.

Climate :

In Khammam, you can experience excellent climatic conditions, which are quite right to spend in the city without any issues. People of any region can get accustomed to the climate here quickly, and this is a big plus point for the students who are pursuing various engineering and medical degrees in the city. The rain fall, low, high and average temperatures are just about right for the people from any part in the country.

Education :

When you enter Khammam City, the first thing you would observe is the special liking of the people here towards education. You can see big hoardings in the city filled with the promotions of the educational institutions, and you can see the glimpses of education in every street. Such is the impact of education on the people of Khammam. In fact, Khammam city has the second highest literacy rate (around 81%) in Telangana State, next only to the mighty Hyderabad. There are many reputed schools, intermediate, degree and PG colleges, engineering and medical colleges, and many more institutes in Khammam.

Employment :

While the agro based and chemical industries are high in the region, to work in other sectors, the graduates in Khammam proceed towards Hyderabad for achieving their dream job roles.

Khammam is a nice city to live, particularly for the students, who are provided with multiple sources to excel in the education.